How to use Whois in Linux? | Tutorial

How to use Whois in Linux? | Tutorial

whois Kali linux command is a utility as a part of the information gathering used in all of the Linux-based operating systems. this tool is part of information security assessment, and one of  information gathering techniques.  there are a lot of  information gathering strategies. It is used to identify domain information and more.

  • Unknown and distant hosts
  • Networks
  • Even Netadmins if you use the command the right way and you are lucky enough


“WHOIS is a database managed by local internet registrar, availing to us the personal information about the owner for example`: his contact details, his organization, and his IP as well as his geographical location ” we can use whois command to retrieve that information. 

The usage of whois kali linux

The usage of the ‘whois’ varies widely from system to system, but nevertheless, a common ground is established where you have yo give the IP address after the command. The usage of the command in Kali Linux systems is as follows:

whois <ip address/name of the website you want to access the information to>

for example   


whois ip address




whois site name

In the above pictorials, you note one thing==> whois  kali linux command is behaving differently for IP address and site name

  • For the IP addresses, the information is much more substantial. Here you got addresses, phone numbers, organization handles and everything
  • For the site name, you got the server name registrar and the referral URL which is of course for the whois command. as you can notice that the information is certainly less substantial but fun and relevant if you are just starting.

Typing   whois –help will grant you further information on the command on the Linux itself.

whois help

The modern versions of whois try to guess the specific object. If no conclusive result is found the query goes straight to for ipv4 addresses(like we can do anything with ipv6 just yet!! huh SARCASM) or for NIC handles. Basically, NIC is network interface controller used to connect the computer  to the computer network. Further information is available on the WIKI(The blue link I gave).


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