How to scan an IP Address? Cyber security training.

How to Scan an IP Address? NMAP

With the number of networked devices rising everyday, network administrators must know how to scan their network for devices, track IP addresses, and perform IP address management.

Maintaining good network health and prevent unauthorized users from spying or wasting valuable bandwidth is essential to know for administrators. Network security professionals are expected to not only know how to scan their network to locate devices, but also understand the importance behind IP address management.

In this tutorial, you will learn the basic networking skills using nmap on how to scan a network for IP addresses using the command line. You will use these commands to scan a network with nmap, find specific addresses, select ranges, perform CIDR notation scanning, and using a file to perform the scan.

nmap a single IP
nmap specific IPs
nmap a range
nmap scanme.nmap.orgScan a specific domain
nmap using CIDR notation
-iLnmap -iL list.txtScan targets from a file
-iRnmap -iR 50Scan 50 random hosts
–excludenmap –exclude listed hosts

Please do not perform scans against IP ranges that do not belong to you or a customer.

NMAP IP scanning cheat sheet

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