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How to use HackerTarget? OSINT RECON

The HackerTarget.com tool suite is a complete freemium vulnerability scanning solution that allows organizations to test their internet perimeter and servers from an external perspective. HackerTarget.com exposes its IP tools through an API. A variety of supported tools include: traceroute, ping test, forward and reverse DNS lookup, WHOIS lookup, GeoIP lookup, reverse IP lookup, HTTP headers viewing, and page link dumping.

HackerTarget.com is a freemium suite, which means many of their tools are available to use for free with limitations. Additional resources used within the tools involve upgrading to a paid membership. Example of one of their freemium tools can be seen below using their Shared DNS Server query tool.

DNSdumpster tutorial

Using the tool suite is fairly straight forward when using the web application. The menu at the top of the page allows you to navigate around the web application using different tools. Once a tool is selected, you input the domain or IP address into the search box and click the reCAPTCHA button. Finally, run the tool using the find button.

HackerTarget tutorial

Peter, the founder of HackerTarget.com says on his website: “In Security, there is no silver bullet. You cannot buy a service or product and say “Well that’s it. Job done!”. Security takes work and an understanding of the tools and resources at your disposal. By intelligently applying tools and knowledge, you can develop an accurate assessment of your vulnerability exposure.”. This is why by combining a number of different types of vulnerability scanners, you can get a more accurate picture of your vulnerability exposure.

Tool Use Cases

Nmap Port Scanner

  • Firewall Monitoring
  • DevOps Network Visibility
  • Detect Human Error

OpenVAS Vulnerability Scanner

  • Comprehensive Vulnerability Discovery
  • Ongoing Vulnerability Management
  • Real Time Risk Visibility

Zmap = Wide Scope Scanning

  • Enterprise Wide Port Scans
  • Know Your Exposure
  • Attack Surface Mapping

Domain Profiler

  • Enterprise Wide Discovery
  • Shadow IT Infrastructure
  • Asset Discovery Against Any Domain

Tactical Web Analysis

  • Investigate Web Endpoints
  • Bulk Analysis
  • Low Impact Research

Focused WordPress Review

  • At a glance Security Review
  • WordPress Agencies
  • Hunting for Weak Spots

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