DNSdumpster tutorial

How to use DNSDumpster? OSINT Recon

DNSDumpster is a free domain search tool that can quickly discover related hosts by IP address. The results provided by this tool include a variety of information that is useful for users performing reconnaissance. Information outputted include:

  • Host subdomains
  • DNS information (MX, A record, TXT record, ect.)
  • Geo information
  • Email
DNSdumpster tutorial
DNSDumpster Search View

In this short tutorial, we will do a quick search using the apple.com domain. When the search result loads, a new page will show the geolocation of Host Location IP addresses. As you see below, the green shade is filled in the United States.

DNSdumpster tutorial
DNSDumpster Additional Information

If you scroll further down, you will see multiple tables of information. If you are searching a smaller domain, there might be very little information. In this case, Apple is a large organization so these tables are filled with a plethora of information. DNS Servers, MX Records, TXT Records, Host Records (A), and visual map for viewing the domains.

DNSdumpster tutorial
DNSDumpster Visual Map

Tool Respository: https://github.com/nmmapper/dnsdumpster

Tool Website: https://dnsdumpster.com/

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