How To Become A Malware Analyst - Resources

How To Become A Malware Analyst – Resources

Free online resources to become a Malware Analyst (based on top skills needed in 2022 job postings)



The TCP/IP Model and Protocol Suite Explained for Beginners by

Ethical hacking: TCP/IP for hackers by

Malware Detection by HTTPS Traffic Analysis by Potsdam University

Identifying Malware through Deep Packet Inspection with Deep Learning by University of Maryland

Packet Reassembly by Wireshark

Host Monitoring Analysis

An In-Depth Guide to Host Monitoring by

An Introduction to Metrics, Monitoring, and Alerting by

Network Monitoring Analysis

Network Monitoring: Protocols, Best Practices, and Tools by

Tcpflow – To Monitor, Capture & Dump Packets by

Ultimate Guide to Network Monitoring by

How to Use Wireshark – Wireshark Network Monitor Tutorial by

Assembly Fundamentals

LiveOverflow Binary Exploitation Playlist by LiveOverflow

Introductory Intel x86: Architecture, Assembly, Applications, & Alliteration by

x86 Disassembly by Wikibooks

x86 Assembly Guide by



Reverse Engineering with Ghidra by

Introduction to Reverse Engineering with Ghidra by

Reverse Engineering WannaCry Ransomware using Ghidra — Finding the KillSwitch by Yogesh Ojha


The Basics of IDA Pro by

IDA Pro Beginner Guide by


Learn X in Y minutes by

Introduction to Decompiling C++ with Ghidra by

Tutorial: Writing a Ghidra loader by

Additional Research Papers

Knowledge needed to develop malware to infect and impact industrial control systems by Eindhoven University of Technology

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